Hosting Changes FAQ

If you’re here it’s because we recently announced that we’ll be making some changes to our hosting plans. Read the following FAQ for more details.

What if I have more than 5 e-mail addresses but I don’t want to upgrade to Basic?

For existing customers we will grandfather you in with up to 15 e-mail accounts. You can purchase an additional 15 for another $5/mo. However, we would recommend upgrading because this new package will include all e-mail support. That means you no longer have to pay for e-mail support calls, even if the problem was user error. The cost of upgrading to Basic is less than a single e-mail support call.

What if I need a lot of storage but I don’t want everything (or the cost) of the Business Pro account?

No problem. If you don’t want all the bells and whistles of the Business Pro plan but you want 50GB of storage, you can take advantage of our à la carte offerings to purchase extra storage. You get another 5GB of storage for $2/mo. You can add that additional storage on to any of our other base plans.

I exceed the storage space allotted by these plans. Will I automatically get billed more?

If you pay annually billing will not affect you until your next bill is due. If we need to change your plan or add à la carte items, we will contact you first so we can discuss your options.

I have an existing e-commerce site. Does this mean my bill is going up to $150/mo.?

No. If you would like the additional benefits of the E-Commerce plan we can certainly upgrade you to that. If you do not have a perpetual digital advertising campaign, the E-Commerce plan is probably not best for you even if you have an e-commerce website.

I already have a special billing arrangement with The Next Wave for digital advertising and/or marketing automation. Will this change?

Not unless you find one of our new plans more appealing. Your bill will only change if you need to purchase additional storage space or e-mail addresses.

I have currently have more than one website. Will I have to buy extra plans?

You can have up to 3 websites for our basic plans. For Business Pro plans and up, you can have up to 5 websites.

Do these prices include domain names?

No. Domain names are charged annually at standard market value. If you own a domain name you can use that at no extra charge.

How many domain names can I use?

The number of websites is limited by your package but you can point an unlimited number of domain names at a single website.