Dayton Bombers “Haunted Hockey Game”

Scream meets Scary Movie meets the Dayton Bombers. Low budget scary movies meets low budget radio. There is always a lot of information to weave into a Dayton Bombers radio ad–keeping them from sounding like a laundry list being read is the goal. This one takes some fun twists to keep the listener engaged.

Dayton Bombers “Governor”

In the days just before elections the media is overrun with political ads, maybe that’s why less than 50% of the population votes? Bombers games are fun, political ads aren’t. So, here’s governor Bud Daft (sorry Bob Taft) promoting hockey, dollar beer and questioning why Arnold Schwarzenegger would want to be governor when he could be a hockey player.

Dayton Bombers “Take the kids out”

The Dayton Bombers try to make the Sunday afternoon games as kid friendly as possible. Parents are typically fed up with kids by Sunday afternoon. Since this radio spot was running on stations that typically appeal to the parents, we thought we would appeal to their sense of humor. Tony Soprano probably felt this way when AJ was younger–well, maybe when he was older too…

Dayton Bombers

Dayton Bombers

People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad. That’s what Howard Gossage said.

We could have said “Half Season Ticket Sale” but then it wouldn’t have won a Gold ADDY.

Banned in Dayton, the Dayton Bombers spot rejected by Channel 7

One thing I love about hockey is how close the fans can get to the game. But, for most fans, they never get to go inside the locker room. It’s not easy to get great hockey action video in a hurry with one camera - the hits don’t always come where you are, the goals don’t always make great video because some noob (usually in stripes) is standing in the way- so we had limited footage of action. However, we had access to the locker room- and thought we’d give the fans a taste of the team- up close and personal:

Unfortunately (or if you are a fan of Bob Parsons and style advertising) the spot was rejected by channel 7- even though it’s ok on Channel 2.

It may not be the most polite way to get attention, but, it does get your attention.